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Graphic Design
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The What

Dave Nighbor leads 9 Lives Design—an award-winning digital agency that believes in the beauty of simplicity. Our client-focused approach and commitment to collaboration allows us to create custom web designs, brand identities, and dynamic digital media solutions. We work with small teams to prioritize the client's needs, ensuring that each project we undertake is a success.

Northern Ontario Business of the Year award 2018
ICSC Global Marketing Award
Camber of Commerce business of the year nominee 2017
Triple w award logo
Northern Ontario Business of the Year award 2017 nominee
Social Good Design Award
Camber of Commerce business of the year nominee 2016
Graphic Designers of Canada award 2013

The Why

For Dave Nighbor, a passion for art and design has been a lifelong pursuit. At 9 Lives Design, he brings together a team of individuals with similar values to craft unique solutions for each client. Our approach is centered around the client's vision, and we strive to bring that vision to life with every project we undertake. From concept to execution, we listen, design, and deliver with a commitment to exceeding expectations.


Our Services / Web Design + Development

Screenshot of Neonet's website
Screenshot of IATSE 634 website
Screenshot of Banff Fire Safety website
Screenshot of Dr. Sandra Stewart's website

Our custom-designed websites are built from the ground up using lightweight Content Management Systems (CMS). No two projects are the same, and each one begins with a clean slate, resulting in templates specifically tailored to each client's unique needs.


Business Websites




Membership Management


Headless CMS Websites


Portfolios & Blogs




Nonprofit Websites


Informational Websites


Web Apps

Peace Bridge on a stormy day

Our Services / Photography

Every custom project needs custom visuals to truly come to life. At 9 Lives Design, we take the reins on photography to ensure that every shot is in harmony with the brand's message, just like the various lives of a cat seamlessly align to create one cohesive story.

Our Services / Logo Design

Hard Hat Hunter logo
Financial Pulse logo
Knight Sleeves logo
On The Rocks logo
Capitol Centre logo

At 9 Lives Design, we've been breathing new life into brands since our inception in 2008. Every brand project is like a rebirth, and we ensure it has the tools it needs to thrive by delivering a style guide website that acts as a showcase for the new identity and allows for easy access to logo files on-the-go.

Our Services / Videography

Design is rarely static, especially in the digital realm. Dave Nighbor's passion for animation and interactive design led him to discover a love for videography. At 9 Lives Design, we embrace this added layer of complexity as a way to bring clients' visions to life. We welcome the challenge to elevate designs with motion and sound.

Our Services / Digital Marketing Campaigns

Black Friday ad
Back to School ad
March Break ad
Gift Card Giveaway ad
Mother's Day ad

Get noticed! To reach your target audience, it's essential to advertise where they already spend their time online. 9 Lives Design creates digital marketing strategies with the mission of connecting you to your customers and building a bridge between your brand and its intended audience.

Spaceman artwork
Spaceman artwork
Spaceman artwork
Spaceman artwork
Spaceman artwork
Spaceman artwork
Spaceman artwork
Spaceman artwork
Spaceman artwork
Spaceman artwork
Spaceman artwork

Our Services / 3D Art & Design

Bringing depth and dimension to our offerings, 9 Lives Design added 3D design to our services in 2015, specializing in the creation of 3D logos and animations. Fueled by his passion, our founder Dave Nighbor delves into the world of 3D art, making his mark in the industry with his first NFT mint in 2021. Every year, he continues to showcase his creativity in the 3D space by releasing new, innovative NFT collections.



While Calgary, Alberta is our home, and North Bay, Ontario is our beloved hometown, our reach extends far beyond Canadian borders.